IT Certification Test Preparation Tutoring

In the IT Profession, your certification is the testimony to your skillsets

Certification + Skill = Success

Open the front door to your IT career by passing your certification test

Tests can be the most stressful events in the IT Professional’s career. They often determine the salary and upward mobility, and subsequently affect placement, which can decide a person’s future career prospects!

The Test Prep Center provides you with all the information you need to help you through your test.

Whether you plan to take the CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, ISACA, EC Council, and ISC2, ITIL or Goggle certification – We have information on what to expect, how to prepare, and sample examples. All of these resources can be found in just one place! To learn more about the different assessments, what they test, and which one is right for you.

There are many resources and services on which students may draw as they prepare for their certification tests, including:

Mock exams: Mock exams are practice exams that help students prepare for the real exam. They are intended to give students a clear indication of the structure and content of the actual exam, as well as a snapshot of their current performance.

Mind Maps: Mind maps allow students to visually organize relevant concepts and information, showing relationships among pieces of the whole.

Study Guides: Various organizations and individuals produce published materials that students can incorporate into their preparation.

Courses: Many test preparation courses are designed to expose students to the breadth of topics tested on the relevant exam and guide them through the process of studying.

Tutors: A tutor is a person with whom students work one-on-one to improve academic performance, in this case on an exam.

Study groups: Studying as group facilitates collaboration and exposes students to different perspectives on the material.   


Our teachers know your test, inside and out, and they did well on it. Really well. Now they will show you how to do the same.

David Tech Test Prep offers a full line of test preparation options.

We offer one-one-one and group tutoring, as well as full courses. If you have a large group, we can design a course to fit your needs.

• Small group and one-on-one scheduling now!

• Remote or In-person


  • One-on-One : $100 per one hour session
  • Group (2 students): $75 per student per hour.
  • Group (3-6 students): $50 per student per hour.
  • Small-group course: $1000 for our 18-hour course.