Jonathan Omenika David

CEO / Founder

David is an experienced information security consultant and long-time instructor. He has consulted with a variety of clients about their security architecture in areas such as perimeter security, network infrastructure design, system audits, Web server security, Web application assessments, risk assessments, penetration testing, and database security.
David began his career as a Technical Support Engineer. In the early days, with his inquiring mind, he developed a passion for troubleshooting applications, systems, and training newly hired engineers. When incidents would occur and vulnerabilities were discovered, David became the default “Go To” person for managing them. what he did not realize it at the time, this was the beginning of his professional Technical Training career. As his career progressed, he built teams both large and small to solve some interesting problems.
He has spent over 20 years in corporate positions in training and course development – for software, hardware, network engineering and security for many colleges, career, and vocational institutions. He has served as Program Chair, Program Director for Network Engineering, and Cybersecurity Programs.