Established by a team of cybersecurity and education experts. Omenica brings a distinctive perception to cyber security training. We leverage first-rate, expert, and certified instructors across all of our training course. We are aware that excellent instruction is about more than simply knowing the material. Our teachers are passionate and specialized cybersecurity practitioners who are committed to student success. We pride ourselves on being a leader in instructional innovation for cybersecurity training. We combined this expertise with a market driven cyber curriculum to create the most comprehensive and job specific cyber training programs in existence. We also provide you 100% placements we have ties with companies. Free seminar classes are provided to you. Omenica is providing six months, six weeks and one-year training in Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Web Security & Penetration Testing, Network Security, Information Security, Windows OS Security, Linux Server Hardening, and Malware Analysis.

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